Wobblebase executive management

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Alan Carter, CEO

Alan’s extensive business career in genetics includes leadership with Applied Biosystems, Celera, Agendia and Complete Genomics. As he consultant, he worked with a variety of companies to incorporate next generation sequencing and big data into emerging clinical diagnostic workflows.

Professor Wim Van Criekinge, PhD, Founder,Head of SAB

Wim is professor of bioinformatics at University of Ghent, entrepreneur and clinical epigenetics expert. Startup companies/institutes include: MDx Health, Genohm, Devgen(acquired by Syngenta)

Geert Trooskens, PhD, Founder, Chief Architect

Geert is an experienced bioinformatician and epigenetics scientist bringing visual understanding to complex, dynamic data sets.Geert currently works with MDxHealth, a leading epigenetic clinical test provider and was a founding scientist at Oncomethylome.




Paul Billings, MD

Dr. Billings is a well known medical geneticist and company consultant for companies such as Trovagene and CollabRx. He is currently consulting CMO of Omicia, Inc. Prior roles include, CMO at Life Technologies (ThermoFisher).,founding CSO of the Genomic Medicine Institute at El Camino Hospital, President, CEO and Director of CELLective Dx Corporation, founder CBR Systems and GeneSage Inc. Dr. Billings also served asSVP and Senior Geneticist at LabCorp. Dr. Billings serves on the FDA Scientific Advisory Board, the Genomic Medicine Advisory Committee at the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, and the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine’s Roundtable on Genomics. 


Mike Aicher

Mr. Aicher is on the Board of Omicia, Inc and Genetic Signatures. He isthe co-founder and former CEO of National Genetics Institute,  now a wholly owned subsidiary of LabCorp. Mr. Aicher led LabCorp’s Esoteric Business Units, which generated more than $1 billion in annual revenue. Prior to NGI, Mr. Aicher served in a number of executive leadership roles at Central Diagnostics Laboratory. He is certified by the University of California at Berkeley as a Global Biotechnology Executive and is a recipient of Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” award for emerging technologies. 


  • Years of combined genetic research and patient counseling experience collaborate to  selects genetic variants based on scientific studies showing:
    • Good evidence of trait, predisposition or condition association
    •  Reasonable actions one could take if a “risk” variant is found.
  • Active iterature monitoring and evidence updates, and test modifications as appropriate.

  • Evidence ranking:

    • Excellent ( large studies across large populations, preferably mixed demographics, with p values range 10-5 to 10-8)
    • Good(decent studies across appropriately sized populations, p values range 10-3 to 10-4)
    • Developing (small studies,  p values >10-3)
  •  Focus:

    • Level 1 and 2 evidence genetic variations.

    • Possible level 3 evidence in association with more than one trait, and at least one association is 2 or higher or association with promising initial results in a large study, but lacking replication.

  • Individual data securely compared to publicly  available content reviewed and approved by our genetic counselors, clinical advisors, and our medical director.